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  • Listening to: Rosie Thomas
  • Reading: The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Watching: The Soup
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VIII
  • Eating: Cinnamon Bagel
  • Drinking: Fiji
-and I am so thirsty. I a smoothie or sumfin. Or some tea. Imagine, just a little, but not too little, cup of tea by the fire in a luxurious, but not gratuitous, flat. With high ceilings, every DVD that I have ever loved or wanted to love and and a fistful of friends.

To my brain: You'd better be conjuring premonitions.
  • Listening to: Placebo
  • Reading: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
  • Watching: Family Guy
  • Playing: Final Fantasy VIII
  • Eating: -
  • Drinking: Hot Tea
Spring Break is a flighty temptress. Flowery and gripping. If Summer break is an infinitely vast field of sunflowers, Spring break is a plain white doily. I've been sick all day but yesterday a parrot sat on my arm so basically my bucket list is shrinking. I'm having a cup of tea before i go to sleep so i am pretty sophisticated. Thought i'd decorate my page with some new words. Goodnight to the few and the favored.

Don't let the Spring break you.
  • Listening to: Interpol
  • Reading: Catch 22
  • Watching: This Is It
  • Playing: Marvel Alliance 2
  • Eating: Ravioleez
  • Drinking: Caramel Macchiato
Just got my new camera. :) The upgrade from film to digital is orgasmic.
Now I can look back at my filmy past through rose-coloured glasses and feel vintagey; vintagey indeed. College is going to start kicking my ass soon, sure of it (but it's fun). Blahbee blah blahzee love. art. friends. peace. health care bill. my life is a tag. happiness.

"It's all for love....L-O-V-E."
  • Listening to: The Bunting Song
  • Reading: Interred With Their Bones
  • Watching: Degrassi
  • Playing: Final Fantasy XII
  • Eating: Whipped Cream
  • Drinking: Chocolate Milk
Dayum. No words since the yester-year. Ahh how is everyones life? Yes yes i agree, Obama is a very sexy man. First black/sexy president aren't we all excited and afraid and stunned and expectant?
the beaches are more beautiful, my eyes shine in the dark, every paragraph i start in response to silent readers begins with a blurb about our new CIC.

So far this year us 1/12 over. Time flies no? :) I used to have a life before AP World History; you too? We should make a study date at Starbucks where everyone can see how studious we are. Yeah? be there or be square fool.

It rained today. I love it when it rains because then i feel less lazy for sitting in mi casa all day. (Lol) Playing Final Fantasy, and eating flour; yes flour; i'm anemic SHUT UPPP!

"Do you love goose down feather? Do you have the trifecta? Mattress, Pillows Comforter oooh uhhhh! It's like sleeping in heaven!"

I don't sleep on carcass thank you Daniel.
Review please?:…
  • Listening to: My Heart Is The Worst Kind of Weapon
  • Reading: The Books of Blood
  • Watching: Americas Next Top Model
  • Playing: Marvel Alliance
  • Eating: El Toritos
  • Drinking: OJ
I am internally conflicted. I am happy but then when I really get there, like the train station of happiness, my train is late. *sigh* And no one cares. Maybe thats my problem though, eh? It should be enough that i care about myself to fix it, not that someone else is losing sleep over my losing sleep. I'm gunna try something. I negative paragraph. One positive.

Today I experienced a little something my mother has been warning me about for a while. I'll call it the train of talk (trains get a special shout out today with me apparently). Something thats happened with her sisters for a long time and is starting to show itself in my cousin, her sisters daughters and me. I say something to my cousin V about J and  she tells U and U asks me about it in less than 4 minutes. It was comical. But I'm starting to think that in some other situations it won't be so funny.

I missed you Ponyboy. hadn't seen The Outsiders for ages and when I saw it today I was reminded how....'golden' it was. My heart broke a million times when Johnny dies. Even more when my man wife Dally dies (whom i loved dearly) the boy had nothing and he couldn't handle it anymore than I could. We both crashed. But I shed no blood. Sodapop confesses. Rob Lowe, in his prime, half naked. Gawd, if i were to compare that moment to me freezing to death, it would be the part where you feel oh so warm and cozy right before you die. *herbert noise*

*guitars* all I want is for a guitar theme song to follow me. everywhere i go.*guitars*

See you guys at comic-con. I'll be w/ my friends for my family is busy/divided.
See you guys at warped tour. I'll be with my friends. For last year was unbearable.

If you could all "Stay gold", i would find some sleep tonight. G,night darlings.
  • Listening to: Northern Downpour
  • Reading: The Amber Spyglass
  • Watching: Vicious Circle
  • Playing: Halo 3; Enchanted Arms; Dreamfall
  • Eating: Ramen
  • Drinking: Arrowhead
Seems to me that though as usual one day is following another, the tail of my life has seemed to raise more everyday. Sitting alone is better because i know i'm not and never will be alone actually. Or maybe it's what i choose to believe. Either way it's real now. How hard will it be for me to sustain a night? I am equipped with:

-The Amber Spyglass [*****]
-All the arrowhead i can consume[**]
-Vicious Circle[*****]
-Pretty. Odd. [desperate love]
-And a pen[******************]

Misa now has two wings a window, a cross and roses. She will be posted shortly if i ever finish.

Commitment + Me = failure

Lets feed our diamonds to the sea? If only we were equip with diamonds save the diamonds in the bend of our eyes when we wake from rest in the palm of consumer products. Change scares me. But   
i can keep things the same with Pretty. Odd.

Two week is the equivalent to forever right now. And forever is sounding better to me than to others. But right now i don't quite care what others feel. Self centered? Maybe so. I have an appointment with Dr. Malone and Lyra needs saving so i have to go.

But everybody leaves. Says P. Sawyer.
  • Listening to: Hospital (The Used)
  • Reading: Harry Potter and THBP
  • Watching: FuSe
  • Playing: Spidey
  • Eating: Sandwich
  • Drinking: Fruit Juice
How about that then! Man, I must be sooo bored right now.

I'm doing a grand total of nothing. Wait! But I am:

-Watching Isaiah play Spidey 3 [**]
-Sleeping [****]
-Regretting last night [ ]
-And writing this [**********]

The highlight of my day must'v been when I couldn't go to the mall because I had to kick back with my little sister when she left me to go hang with HER friends! I need to tone down the emo-ness.

Okay so I'm working on this totally fabulous story about my dearly beloved Harry/Draco/Snape. You know all that wizard on wizard action makes you hot ladies....and men. 1 chapter so far.

Did I mention how Nik (a.k.a "Amarukoira") spilled liquid on my ETF!!! Well i spilled tea on his naruto so thats what I get then, huh? It's not a masterpeice so I'll get over it i guess....over it.

Go find Amarukoira! He's the best!!!